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Why a hop market place?

In less than 15 years, the number of craft breweries in France has grown from 200 to nearly 2000, each wanting to brew unique beers, conveying the identity of a brewer, a group, a city, a territory, a region. These beers draw their identity as much from the creativity and ingenuity of the brewer as from the quality and diversity of the raw materials that made it.

To this craze for identity beers, barley and hop producers still respond too timidly and in a scattered order: the diversity of regional malts is too limited and 150 additional hop producers would be needed to meet 50% of the French brewers’ needs in hops. The reason for this discrepancy is simple: barley and hops are agricultural raw materials, which require time, know-how, and significant technical and financial means, hops in particular need a minimum of three years to enter full production.

How to accelerate the relocation of French beers?

When a farmer has trained in hop growing, invested in the necessary equipment, set up his hop farm and harvested his first tons of hops, he now has to package, store, find customers, ship, invoice… many people give up when faced with the amount of work to be done after the harvest, and are tempted to give up, or to sell at a discount, because they have not found the right customers who know how to judge the quality of the hops.


In the past, in many regions, the hop grower brought his crop to the « public truck », a structure which made it possible to weigh, sometimes dry and package the hops, but above all to meet potential future buyers: In September of each year, brewers, traders, exporters and hop growers would meet there to taste the beers of the year, discuss the difficulties or the good surprises of hop production, the new growing and harvesting techniques.

Alone, we go faster, together, we go further!

Brewstock.fr is a marketplace dedicated to hops, which facilitates relations and transactions between producers and brewers. Each producer is free to set the quantity and the selling price, without contractual constraints and without product limits.

If the public-weight atmosphere remains in the past, the idea of a meeting place between producers and brewers remains an opportunity to regain the lost link and allow everyone to work together, to go beyond the buyer-seller relationship and cooperate to create unique beers!

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