Why a hop marketplace?

Strengthening links between hop growers and professional brewers

In a context marked by environmental and economic challenges, the brewing industry must adapt to ensure its sustainability. Climate change and inflation are directly affecting hop production and the cost of beer. Faced with these challenges, cooperation between hop producers and brewers is becoming a strategic lever. Brewstock.fr, as a dedicated marketplace, plays a key role in this dynamic by reducing intermediaries and promoting local exchanges.

For hop growers:

Compensation optimization : Selling directly to brewers via brewstock.fr allows producers to set fair prices, which better reflect the quality and cost of production of their hops. This translates into better remuneration and a better valuation of their work.

Economic stability and predictability : Thanks to the three-year contracts offered on the platform, producers can plan their production over several years, ensuring stable revenues in the face of market fluctuations and climatic uncertainties.

Control of marketing : Brewstock.fr offers producers the possibility of directly managing their offer in terms of prices and available quantities. This autonomy allows for better adaptation to market demands and increased responsiveness to consumer trends.

For brewers:

– Access to a wide range of local hops: the marketplace offers brewers a diversity of French hops, allowing them to select specific varieties to create unique and innovative beers. This direct access to local producers promotes the development of original recipes and differentiation in the market.

– Contribution to the local economy and reduction of the carbon footprint: By favouring the purchase of French hops, brewers support the local economy and participate in the reduction of the carbon footprint of the brewing sector. This approach is all the more relevant since 70% of the hops used in France is currently imported, generating significant logistical and environmental costs.

– Guarantee of transparency and traceability: The elimination of intermediaries via brewstock.fr ensures better traceability of products. This allows brewers to ensure the origin and characteristics of the hops they buy, guaranteeing superior quality and authenticity of flavours for the end consumer.

Faced with the current challenges of the brewing industry, brewstock.fr offers solutions for both hop growers and brewers. By facilitating direct exchanges between producers and brewers, the platform contributes to the resilience and sustainability of the sector, while offering consumers high-quality beers, produced with respect for the environment and the local economy.