Sell directly to professional brewers and secure your markets

Why sell on

Direct sales to brewers

Expand your market by selling directly to a large network of professional brewers, without intermediaries.

Three-year contracts

Plan your production with peace of mind with three-year contracts, ensuring stable prices and guaranteed quantities.

Simplified management

Automated ordering, invoicing, and inventory management system saves you time and reduces inventory errors.

Shipping Solution

For each order, you will receive the transport labels by email, to be affixed to the package or pallet, the carrier will contact you to schedule the collection, the customer will receive the tracking code by email.

Logo MasterCard

For all credit card payments, we process them with Stripe, an external payment platform that allows you to make secure transactions.

Payments by PayPal are accepted and allow for fast payment, with additional purchase protection offered by PayPal. The amount paid by the customer is paid directly into your PayPal account.

FAQs for Selling on

How do costs work on Brewstock ?

We do not charge any commission on transactions, nor subscription fees until 31/12/2024, beyond that, a commission of 10% and a subscription of 30€ excl. VAT/year will be charged. (The average commission of a marketplace is often between 12 and 15%)

Who can set up a store?

You must be a company, your hops must be certified by the European hop certification (EU Commission art.1850-2006).

How do I get paid ?

Payment of your balance on demand, by bank transfer.
If you have subscribed to payment through Stripe, the amount will be automatically deposited into your bank account.
If you have opted for PayPal payment, the amount of each transaction will be credited to your PayPal account.
To limit transactions, you can also request a monthly or quarterly payment.

Do I need a credit card or debit card to create a store ?

No, you do not need a credit card, however, you must have a professional PayPal account, you will also need to create a Stripe account to receive payments made by credit card, you will be guided through the registration process.

What can I sell on

It doesn’t matter if it’s in flowers, in pellets, in 100g or 5kg bags.
the hops must be vacuum-sealed or in RB60 bales, stored in a positive cold room, and certified by FranceAgriMer (EEC art.1850-2006)

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